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Alperiya Translation Bureau

ALPERIA began offering foreign language classes

In 2019, ALPERIA began offering foreign language classes.   Classes may be  held for groups of up to 8 people or for individuals, with


We intend to change our legal address

Dear Partners:   In January 2014, we decided to move to new office premises offering more modern working conditions and greater comfort to vi


Our clients

The law firm Avelan has successful experience solving tasks in the following areas of law: Real estate and construction, lawsuits in the courts, mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, legal defense of businesses in criminal cases, labor relations, restructuring and illiquid assets, interaction with state authorities, intellectual property, bank and financial law, capital markets, taxes, family and inheritance matters.

ThelargestRussianinternetcompany. Every weekday the pages of Yandex are visited by more than twelve million people (data for March 2009) — in Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

SPLAT is a Russian manufacturing company working in the cosmetic market since 1997. The company makes professional products to care for the oral cavity, therapeutic and specialized tooth pastes, mouth washes, dental floss and tooth brushes, children’s tooth pastes and foams.
Products for beauty and health under the SPLAT brand are manufactured in small lots from the very best components from leading producers worldwide.

Modular Mining Systems Corporation is a worldwide supplier to companies extracting useful ores in both open-pit and underground mines, providing them with products which have passed field testing and which raise output and safety of work, as well as improve operational readiness and use of equipment.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd was founded in 1984 and today is an actively growing worldwide pharmaceutical company whose products are sold in more than 100 countries around the globe, with the main emphasis on the markets of India, the USA, Europe and Russia. According to data from Pharmexpert, in 2007 Dr. Reddy’s occupied the 15th place among Russian companies on the retail trading market. In 2009, thesalesvolumein Russiaalonereached $150 million. The company is one of the 12 leading companies in the USA in the production of generics; it holds 5th place in Germany, and it is the 7th largest company producing generics in Russia. It is also one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India. Already in 2006, the company’s worldwide income reached one billion U.S. dollars.

Between 01.10.2010 and 03.10.2010 the translation agency ALPERIYA acted as official partner of the festival Free Humans Fest.

On those days, on the picturesque territory of the remarkable historic Ukrainian city of Kamenets-Podolsky, the First All-Ukrainian Festival of Free Humans took place in the open air.

Mission of the festival

The mission of the festival was a harmonious combination of diverse interests relating to people’s self-realization and self-development, offering the possibility to all free-thinking people to test themselves and their strengths.

Objective of the festival

The aim is to bring together people who:

  • perform and write music,

  • create masterpieces of visual arts,

  • are engaged in the martial arts,

  • dance,

  • study the depths of man’s inner world,

  • like extreme sports.

All the most interesting representatives of these interests gather together at the Free Humans Fest in order to show the world their mastery.

 Sony DADC – the leading supplier of discs and digital services for the advertising, educational and information industries, offering world class services for multi-faceted deliveries of products on physical supports and in digital form; software solutions and production of optical supports. The company network consists of services bureaus, as well as enterprises engaged in producing optical supports, distribution and provision of digital services in 19 countries around the world.  In 2011, Sony DADC successfully entered the Russian home entertainment market, purchasing a factory producing CD/DVD discs in the city of Borovsk, Kaluga Oblast, and began preparations for production there of Blu-ray Discs.

Since 2003, SPAgiria has been working on the professional market of the beauty industry in Russia and the CIS countries. At present, the company is the exclusive distributor of luxury class brands which make it possible to fulfill practically all aesthetic tasks at the highest level. SPAgira cooperates closely with foreign representative offices. The result of this collaboration is SPA projects with the participation of French and Japanese specialists.

 JAFRA INTERNATIONAL, INC., (JAFRA) is an American direct sales company with head office in Westlake, California. For over 50 years, the company has been creating high quality and innovative products. In 2004, JAFRA became part of the German-based international concern Vorwerk, with sales of a billion dollars and a record as one of the world’s most successful companies in the field of cosmetics manufacturing. Today more than 500,000 Independent Beauty Consultants use JAFRA products in more than 17 countries around the globe

Medical On Group is one of the world’s largest network of private medical clinics, with operations on four continents: Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. At present more than 50 clinics are part of the corporation across a very extensive geography. In Russia there are several dozen clinics owned by the Medical On Group: they are located from Khabarovsk to St Petersburg. Since November 2011 the Russian division of the international network of medical clinics is called Medical On Group.

The company began its operations in 2000 and now is one of the narrow circle of leaders of Russian SEO-optimisation. At present the company has more than 700 successful projects.

?.Video is the leader among retail store chains selling electronics and home appliances in Russia and one of the biggest European companies in this market segment. Moreover, ?.Video is the only publicly owned Russian non-food chain. The ?.Video chain was founded in 1993. At present, 240 M.Video hypermarkets are operating in 105 cities of the Russian Federation. The total surface area of the company’s stores comprises more than 614,000 sq.m.

M.Video is the unconditional leader in the sales of computers, television sets and other equipment.

The company Avgust is a leader on the Russian market in production and sales of chemical substances to protect agricultural crops, as well as for use by countryside homeowners on the garden plots they tend. For many years Avgust has also been a leader in the pesticide market of Russia – the number one Russian company in terms of production volumes sold abroad. In Russia, the company’s products are supplied to 76 Russian regions. Avgust is widely sold in the CIS markets thanks to its subsidiaries in a number of countries and arrangements for foreign trade deliveries.  

OJSC Rosinter Restaurants Holding holds the leading position in the segment of family restaurants in Russia and the countries of the CIS. The company manages restaurant chains both under its own key brands Il Patio and Planeta Sushi, as well as via franchising with the international brands TGI Fridays and Costa Coffee. The main markets where the Holding company is active : Russia, the CIS countries and Central Europe, including the Baltic states. 


Outspan International is the Russian subsidiary of the international company Olam International Ltd. In Russia it is specialised in supplying food companies and trading companies. Raw foodstuff and pr?ducts are imported from a multitude of countries around the world, and the product assortment includes cocoa products, nuts, coffee, spices, sugar, grain, dairy products and cheeses. 

 The head office of Olam International is located in Singapore. Olam International is a leading global network for supplying agricultural products and food ingredients. Olam International has representative offices in more than 60 countries, with a total headcount of more than 3000 employees.

BNT Alliance is a creative communications company and is specialised in organising (from concept to implementation) integrated marketing programmes (two or more communication channels) to stimulate sales and raise loyalty to trade marks (brands) under the BNT Alliance name.

NCPharm is a leader on the Russian market for pharmaceutical substances. For more than 12 years the NCPharm Group of Companies has been supplying the Russian domestic market with raw materials for medicines. The main areas of activity of NCPharm are:

  • Import of pharmaceutical substances;
  • Production and sale of ready to use medicines;
  • Market research for the pharma business;
  • Logistics of pharmaceutical substances and medicines.

 AXIOMA Wealth Management AG is a Swiss management company with headquarters in Zurich that has representative offices in Moscow and in the CIS countries.

AXIOMA is an active member of the Swiss Association of Management Companies and has partnerships with leading European banks.

The company looks after all aspects of managing private capital. It offers a broad palette of services, including tax, legal and financial consulting, restructuring capital, investments in real estate, estate (inheritance) planning, ‘family office’ services, obtaining a residence permit and medical assistance in Europe.