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Alperiya Translation Bureau

ALPERIA began offering foreign language classes

In 2019, ALPERIA began offering foreign language classes.   Classes may be  held for groups of up to 8 people or for individuals, with


We intend to change our legal address

Dear Partners:   In January 2014, we decided to move to new office premises offering more modern working conditions and greater comfort to vi


MayaThe ALPERIYA Translation Bureau renders services related to the consular legalization of documents.

Consular legalization is conducted in the consulates of countries with offices in Moscow. 

The terms and prices for consular legalization are agreed to upon application at our translation bureau.

We translate and provide consular legalization of personal documents such as:


Death Certificates

Death Certificates

Marriage Certificates

Certificate of Criminal History

Social Security Certificates

Birth Certificate

Proof of Social Security Benefits

Proof of Retirement


We also specialize in the consular legalization of documents at the Embassy of the Republic Bulgaria.

The translation of these documents, which in the case of Bulgaria are necessary for obtaining D-type visas or Bulgarian birth certificates, is done within 2 working days.

The cost for translating  each document is-700.00 rubles.

Additionally, there are consular fees for the legalization procedure itself, which include: Social Security

- the ruble equivalent of 15 euros +5% (at the exchange rate set by  the CENTRAL Bank of the RUSSIAN Federation on the date of payment)- for the legalization of documents in the consular department of the Embassy of Bulgaria within 24 hours;


- the ruble equivalent of 30 ?uros +5% (attheexchange rate set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of payment) -for the expedited legalization of documents in the consular department of the Embassy of Bulgaria within one working day;

Only original documents or notarized copies of the original documents may be submitted. 

Documents may be submitted at our offices in Moscow, Tver (in which case the time period for consular legalization will be extended), or directly to our representative at the Bulgarian Consulate.


For additional information please call us at:




Photograph of the accredited translator of the Embassy of Bulgaria in Moscow, native speaker of Bulgarian - Maya.