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Localization of sites

Локализация сайтовMake friends, work with customers and attract business partners across the entire world!

The Alliance of Translators of Foreign Languages ALPERIYA, together with the team of programmers at «IVIX» suggests that you move beyond the boundaries of the Russian-speaking Internet and the ’.ru’ domain.

A new service — localization of Internet resources. This means the translation of your page, your site or an entire internet portal into the language of the country where you plan to work and communicate with people.

In the age of globalization, it is not very farsighted to limit yourself to a single domain. If you are a businessman, why don’t you offer your services to foreigners? If you are studying, why don’t you attract the attention of people of your own age in other states? If you are a creative person, make yourself known to the whole world!

So you say you don’t have as good a command of a foreign language as you would like? That’s no problem: the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau was created precisely in order to help you. We will translate your commercial offer professionally. We will look into all the terms of a technical document thoroughly and will put our heart and soul into composing any personal letter you wish to send in your name.

There are three reasons why localization of a site is especially advantageous given the joint participation of the ALPERIYA Alliance of Translators and the specialists of «IVIX».

  • An affordable price even when your project has a minimal budget.. Order localization of your site from the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau and you will automatically receive a discount of 20% for an audit of the functionality and structure of your site. You’d better not show foreigners links which don’t work and out of date design. The programmers from «IVIX» will detect and correct all shortcomings.
  • A mock-up made with the personal participation of an employee of the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau. Every paragraph of the text is set out on the site under the translator’s strict control; the typefaces always look attractive and are easy to read.
  • And, finally, the excellent quality of the translations! Texts for localized sites are prepared by native speakers who take into account all the nuances of their national language.

If you are interested in localizing your website, call us right now to learn about the delivery time and price of a whole complex of services.

Our telephone numbers:
tel (495) 585 10 60 (ext.4)

Even if you just want to clarify some non-essential details - please phone us! We will be pleased to to talk things over with anyone who has an interest in our work.

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