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In the Alliance of Translators of Foreign Languages ALPERIYA, proofreading translations is a necessary condition for ensuring the high quality of work performed, since it is a known peculiarity of human psychology that a translator is not able on his own to uncover and eliminate all the errors (including both errors of meaning and grammatical errors) which could have been made during his work on the translation

In the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau, the cost of proofreading services is already included in our standard rates for written translation (with the exception of proofreading the text of a translation into a foreign language with the help of a native speaker). Proofreading the text of a translation into a foreign language with the help of a native speaker (linguistic adaptation of the translation text) is paid for separately.

Though our rates for translating texts already include the work of an editor, our Translation Bureau also offers proofreading of translations as a separate service.

For this reason, the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau recruits only experienced editors and proofreaders who have had a long apprenticeship in translation agencies. They proofread texts looking for technical errors, check the match between the formatting of source and target texts and ensure stylistic uniformity of the translated text in case a large assignment has been split up among several translators

You can always turn to our translation bureau for proofreading of texts performed by other translators if you are uncertain about their accuracy.

The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau corrects the grammar or makes a new translation in case there are a large number of errors of fact or style. The cost of such a service comes to 50% of the cost of a translation of the text

Our translation bureau specializes chiefly in the field of proofreading/editing texts translated from Russian into English and in particular we have significant experience editing texts with legal, economics, medical and technical subject matter.

Furthermore, the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau has high-class specialists who are able to do superb editing and revisions of translations from Russian into English. Our customers often ask us to carry out this type of service for them.

This work is done by Russian translators-editors who have demonstrated their high professional qualifications or directly by native speakers whose main task is to raise your translation to the highest possible level.

One should take into account that not just any translation is suitable for improvement by an editor. If the text has been translated so badly that it is faster and more efficient to translate it from scratch, then ALPERIYA Translation Bureau reserves for itself the right to refuse to perform editing and instead to offer to carry out a worthy written translation.

You can obtain more detailed information about our proofreading/editing services from our specialists.


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