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Legal translation

Любовь Legal translations: complete mutual understanding with foreign partners

Translation of legal texts is necessary in many situations ― above all, in business correspondence, when completing foreign trade transactions, when resolving issues of adoption, when registering a legal entity in another state and in many other situations.

We always strive to deliver legal translations that are reliable, precise and well-informed. It is absolutely excluded that errors will be made in legal translations: even a small mistake can lead to serious financial risks or even to loss of reputation.

Therefore, in each case one considers when performing a translation the cultural-social, political and legal peculiarities of the given state.

Every translator in our bureau engaged in legal translations has a higher professional education or serious multi-year work experience relating to translation of legal texts. At the request of the Client, any completed legal translation may undergo supplemental editing by a professional experienced jurist to ensure ideal stylistic and terminological quality of the finished work.

Specialists of the ALPERIYA translation bureau perform in particular legal translations in the following fields:

  • contract law;
  • corporate law;
  • tax law;
  • customs law

Our specialists offer you all forms of translation necessary for rigorous conduct of foreign economic activity: translations of contracts and legal findings, translation of normative-legal documents, as well as powers of attorney and the founding documents of organizations.

We also perform translations of supporting documents – certificates, licenses, testimony, etc.

Upon request from the Client, the translation bureau arranges notarial certification of the authenticity of the signature of the translator on translated legal documents and when necessary has an Apostille applied.

To ensure that the translation faithfully corresponds to the original, at the request of the Client we carry out a supplemental reading at which a native speaker specialist takes part. He provides a guaranty that all legal formulations and linguistic constructions precisely correspond to the sense of the source document.

The ALPERIYA translation bureau guaranties complete confidentiality of the information received from the Client to perform legal translations.

To submit a question or discuss the conditions of the work, calculate the delivery time and the price of a legal translation, send us an email to ― order@alperiya.ru or phone us: +7(495)585-10-69.

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