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Translation of scientific texts

перевод наусных текстовProfessional scientific translations: for Russian readers and foreign investors

The sphere of application of scientific language is rather narrow. It is used mainly to establish the results of scientific activities. From among all forms of translations (excluding perhaps only technical translations), there are especially strict requirements for scientific translations: precision, clarity, neutral tone. Some people believe that just any translator can handle a scientific translation so long as he or she knows a foreign language well, however that is not the case. The main challenge of such a text is to accurately convey the terms, and that is something only a specialist can do.

In the ALPERIYA translation bureau, you can order:

  • translations of scientific literature and scientific publications;
  • translations of articles on a variety of topics – history, sociology, economics;
  • translations of monographs, research findings;
  • as well as translations of any other forms of scientific works;

What are the hallmarks of a competent translation of a scientific text?

The main condition of a good translation is that the translator should have a profound knowledge of the subject matter. In his/her work, special attention is given precisely to terminology. It is very risky to entrust a literal translation of a scientific text to a nonspecialist. A nonprofessional, literal translation will not only be hard to understand but can completely distort the sense of the text. A competent scientific translation must be completely clear to a specialist, and the terms must be translated with extreme precision.

The translator must have a deep knowledge of the subject matter and it is highly desirable that he or she also have practical experience of working in this field. Only in this case can the translator work with the terminology appropriately in two languages.

What are the usual intended uses of a scientific translation?

Firstly, to attract investors

A qualified translation makes the results of Your research accessible to the world scientific community. But in addition it helps draw the attention of foreign investors and potential partners to what you have developed. Every serious investor wants to receive detailed and understandable information about what he is being asked to invest his money in. Incorrect or incomprehensible terminology can not only ruin the partnership relationship at the very beginning but even deprive you of your reputation as a person who is knowledgeable about the question at hand.

Secondly, to bring your information to the awareness of a broad circle of readers

A good translation of a popular science publication which is logically structured and written in simple and understandable language will offer great practical value to readers. When such translations are placed on your site or blog, they will act like Velcro, attracting and holding onto your audience, while publication in an entertainment edition which enjoys a wide circle of readers will provide additional publicity for you.

Specialists at the ALPERIYA translation bureau are ready to assist you with scientific translations of any degree of complexity.

We are ready to answer any questions you may have, to discuss special working conditions, to calculate the delivery time and price for fulfilling your order.


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