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ALPERIYA Translation Bureau has highly qualified specialists including professional linguists possessing a lot of experience in translating work, as well as high-class managers who have previously held high or medium level positions within major regional Russian companies.


Pavel Turkevich


1998 - Graduated from Tver State University (TvSU) School of Law.
2003 - Obtained an Economics Degree in Organizational Management from TvSU.
2001 - Chairman of the Civil Forum of NGOs of the Tver region and Chairman of the Tver group of NGOs at the Civil Forum of the Kremlin.
2004 – Member of the Open World program, including a short term assignment in the United States.
1999 to 2018 – Senior legal advisory positions for major Russian companies and subsidiaries of major international corporations, including: Komatsu CIS, Isuzu Rus, the Russian holding company "Children's World" and others.



Native speaker of English

Upon completing a 25-year career in international marketing and general management, 10 years of which was spent in Moscow working for multinational companies in the FMCG sector, in 2002 Gilbert Doctorow entered upon a second career in translating, editing and copywriting.
He works in two language pairs:  RU-EN and FR-EN.
His areas of competence include texts in the following disciplines: legal contracts, annual reports and other financials, as well as marketing texts.  Economic sectors include real estate, computer software, telecommunications, the food industry and agriculture, the service industry.
Gilbert was born in New York, USA and has advanced degrees from Harvard College and Columbia University.

Переводчик - носитель английского языка, американец


Partner in USA.
Native speaker of English
University of Saint Petersburg, Masters, Russian Philology, completed May 30, 2010.
University of Maryland, School of Law, J.D. completed June 30, 1987.
University of Maryland, College Park, B.A. Russian Language completed June 30, 1984
Texas Court Interpreter, Washington State Court Interpreter.
LANGUAGES: Spanish (fluent). Russian (advanced).    



Translator / native French speaker.


1996 - Master of Russian Linguistics. Paris IV-Sorbonne


-Bruno has worked as a translator and interpreter (consecutive and simultaneous) for over 25 years.

- He translates from Russian/English/German into French.

- Translation fields: politics, law, trade, science, art, literature.

Bruno has translated more than 100 times for Russian President Vladimir Putin, for Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (about 100 times), for the Russian Ministry of Defense and other government agencies of the Russian Federation, for a large number of Russian universities, including MGIMO, Higher School of Economics, Russian State University for the Humanities and Moscow State Linguistic University among others. He also translated for the French Embassy in Moscow, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, the Ministry of Defense of France (he worked as a translator for the military mission at the Embassy in Moscow from 2010 to 2014), as well as for many commercial organizations. 

Руководитель бюро переводов


Native speaker of French and Arabic
1999 – 2003: D.I. Mendeleev Russian Chemical Technology University - Moscow – Biotechnology
1993 – 1998: PARIS X - France – Biology. Specialization - immunology
1988 – 1991: Pedagogical Center for Teachers - Morocco
From 2000 to present:
Individual and corporate lessons in French and Arabic languages.
Miscellaneous written translations and interpreting from/to French or Arabic.

Руководитель бюро переводов


Translator - Native Italian Speaker.
2006 - graduated from the faculty of Foreign languages and literature at Milan State University (Russian, English and French).
Language Education.
Collaborated with various companies (drafted and translated contracts, certificates, manuals for the use and maintenance of equipment, shipping documents; interpreted for foreign delegations during meetings and negotiations). Taught Russian to individuals and groups.
Translated from Russian, English and French into Italian on various subjects, including:
2006 to present - worked as an interpreter for an Italian company that  manufactured and sold food processing equipment.


Translator - Native Chinese Speaker.
2014 - Intern at the South Ural state University (SUSU).
June 2017 - Graduated with honors from the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov and in October 2017 entered the graduate school of Philology of Moscow state University.
Extensive experience as an interpreter:
2011 - Interpreter at the Olympic games between China and Russia;
2012 - Interpreter at the international trade and economic fair in Heihe.
2012 - Interpreter in the city of Blagoveshchensk.
2014 - Interpreter and translator at international hockey competitions.
2015 to present – remote translator.
Russian language - fluent (oral, written);
English - fluent (written).


Translator is a native Bulgarian speaker.
She holds a PFUR Certificate in the Russian language.
Speaks Russian at the level of a native.
2003 - Graduated from RGUS (MGUS), Department of "Social Work".
Interpreter/Translator at Bulgarian travel companies.
Experienced translator of technical and personal documents.
Currently working for the Bulgarian Consulate and is accredited to translate documents legally recognized in Bulgaria.

Maria B.

Lead translator of English, ALPERIYA Translation Bureau
2008 - graduated from the Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, Department of Translation, majoring in Linguistics, Translator of two foreign languages (English and Chinese).
2006 -  she studied at the Southwestern University (Chongqing, China) majoring in "Modern Chinese Language".
2014 – obtained a postgraduate degree in German Languages."
Has a Ph.D. in Philology.
2011 to present – State University Associate Professor at the Department of Oriental Languages and Cultures
Extensive experience translating legal and financial texts. 

Elena K.

Principal translator of the ALPERIYA translation bureau.

In 2006, Elena graduated from the Vologda State Pedagogical University in the department of foreign languages, with a degree in Linguistics/English and German as a Foreign Language.

She has worked as a translator for 15 years in various translation fields: law, economics, marketing, as well as general English.

She has worked as a teacher of English for over 15 years, with adult students and adolescents of mostly high levels (B1 and above).

She prepares students for international exams (Cambridge A2-C2, IELTS).

In 2019, she passed the Cambridge C2 Proficiency exam with Grade A.

Maria L.

Lead translator of English, ALPERIYA Translation Bureau
Graduated in 2003 from the Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology with specialization as a veterinary doctor. Previously studied in the Biochemical Department of MGPU.
Has had additional schooling in:
the State Institution of Further Professional Education, State Central Courses of Foreign Languages INYAZ, English Department (2005), German Department (2008)
Fields of specialization: general medicine, lab diagnostics and diagnostic equipment, biology, microbiology, genetics and biochemistry.
Language pairs: English ↔ Russian, German → Russian.

Translation of materials on medical and pharmaceutical topics
Translation of instructions for laboratory and diagnostic equipment, nutritive media, biochemical reagents, etc.
Translation of materials on microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, zoology and agriculture.
Translation of materials on veterinary science and animals.

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