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1. Freelance editors of translations from foreign languages/translators.

The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau is looking for freelance editors of translations from English and other foreign languages.  

- Subject matter of the texts: various.
- Experience in the specialty: at least 3 years.
- Education: higher.
- Knowledge of foreign languages: English and other foreign languages.
- Level of compensation: to be mutually agreed.
- Work at home via the Internet.

Minimum requirements:

1. Higher philology/translating (linguistics) education.
2. Second specialized education/experience of uninterrupted work as a translator (no less than 3 years) in the chosen field of subject matter.
3. Own telephone, computer with Internet access.
4. Well-organized and able to work under tight deadlines.
5. Experience working with Translation Memory/When you submit your resume using the form shown below, please state at once: 

- Your tariff for 1800 printed characters with spaces (source or target text) or for 250 words of source text with spaces;
- Subject matter of translations where you believe you are a specialist;
- Translation agencies with whom you collaborate regularly;
- Sample of your completed translation indicating language from/to.

Putting these data first will considerably speed up our possibilities of collaborating with you!

2. Translators in Moscow for notarized certification of documents

In connection with the opening of an office dedicated primarily to filling orders for notarized translations of documents, the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau is seeking to establish collaboration with translators of all languages who are accredited with notaries in Moscow and also persons who render services relating to Apostille certification of documents.

3. Native speaker translators

The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau is looking for native speaker translators to perform translations and to proofread translated texts.

We urgently need a native German speaker and a British English native speaker.

Contact information:
Telephone numbers: +7 (495) 585-10-69, 585-36-18
+38 (097)802-65-84 – Kiev
E-mail: hr@alperiya.ru

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