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Устный переводчик The Alliance of Translators of Foreign Languages ALPERIYA offers high-quality interpreting services.

Our translation bureau is ready to offer its Customers professional interpreting services from English, Dutch, Chinese and a number of other European and Asiatic languages in Moscow, in St. Petersburg and in a number of other cities in Russia, as well as in cities of the Former Soviet Union and further afield abroad.

In particular, the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau provides the services of translators having extensive experience carrying out synchronous translation from English, German and French at international seminars and conferences. Our specialists also have experience performing consecutive translation from various languages when business negotiations are being held and they have experience as translators at international exhibitions of products and services. The minimum order for consecutive interpreting is 2-3 hours.

An order of an interpreter for one day means the translator will be working no more than 8 hours 30 minutes in the course of a single day.

If an interpreter stays with the customer longer than this time, supplemental charges are assessed.

An exception is made only for English, in which the interpreter’s services in the course of the day are not limited to a fixed number of hours worked.

When calculating the number of hours, we take into account the entire time the interpreter spends with the Customer without regard to the work load on the interpreter during this time.

You can order from the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau translators performing consecutive interpreting for the following events:

  • Business negotiations
  • Seminars, round tables
  • Briefings, press conferences, presentations, exhibitions
  • Participation of the interpreter in a courtroom session
  • Execution of documents by foreign citizens with notarial certification and the reading aloud of the document in the language of the translation, which is mandatory in such circumstances, as well as other legal procedures.
  • Consecutive translation is performed without any special equipment. The consecutive interpreter does the translation when the speaker makes logical pauses in his speech.

In order to ensure high quality interpreting services, the managers of our bureau select specialists who have a command of the terminology matching the subject matter of the given event. We guarantee confidentiality and the high quality of the services we render.

When you contact the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau, you are dealing with translating professionals. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our translations, to expand the scope of the services we offer in the field of interpreting, as well as developing a professional and multi-faceted service to our Customers.

You can obtain more detailed information about the conditions of our synchronous and consecutive interpreting by contacting our specialists by phone at our offices or by e-mail.

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