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Technical translations

The Alliance of Translators of Foreign Languages ALPERIYA offers the services of professional translators specialized in translation of technical texts.

Translation of technical texts is considered one of the most complicated forms of written translation.

Translation of technical documentation requires not only full command of the respective vocabulary and terminology but also an understanding of the essence of the processes and systems described in the text being translated.

Without meeting these conditions, it is simply impossible to ensure high-quality technical translation of documents. Our Bureau of Technical Translations renders the full spectrum of services in this area and does so in a professional manner.

The ALPERIYA Bureau of Technical Translations satisfies the high standards of translating activity. It ensures high-quality work and on-time execution of orders!

In order to fully carry out the indicated tasks, our Bureau of Technical Translations works only with those translators who have demonstrated their competence to us in practice by performing technical translations in a field which we require.

The ALPERIYA translation agency works together with specialists who possess not only the linguistic but also the technical education allowing them to perform the translation at the highest possible professional level!

Furthermore, managers and translators in our translation bureau agree with you upon a glossary which most fully corresponds to the activity of your company in the given sphere.

The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau is now ready to offer you professional technical translations from English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch.

At present, the ALPERIYA translation bureau is prepared to offer you professional technical translations performed using Translation Memory software from MemoQ and Trados. This can substantially reduce the Client’s costs when ordering high volume texts of one kind thanks to repetitions of text fragments which we translated for you previously. Our translation bureau has highly qualified specialists with a great deal of experience in working with translations of:

  • technical documentation in the field of the oil and gas industry
  • technical documentation in the field of aircraft manufacturing
  • various technical instructions on the operation and servicing of a wide variety of equipment
  • technical instructions for foreign construction equipment (tractors, excavators and other machinery)
  • technical project documentation for construction of buildings and engineering infrastructure
  • technical descriptions/instructions for operation of household appliances and equipment
  • texts relating to medicine, chemistry, pharmacology, medical equipment, from English and German

Each technical translation in the ALPERIYA translation bureau necessarily undergoes checking by a proofreader and, if necessary, by a technical editor, all of which considerably raises the quality of translation services!

When you order the services of a translator from the ALPERIYA Bureau, you can be sure the result you receive will not disappoint. Within the appointed deadline you will receive the technical, notarized or other forms of translation within the appointed deadline.

To order a translation, you can use the order form or send us the files for translation vie e-mail.

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