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Notarized translations

The Alliance of Translators of Foreign Languages ALPERIYA is pleased to offer its clients notarized translation of documents. Russian is the state language of the Russian Federation, and for that reason when presenting official documents received from another country you must obtain a translation certified by a notary. 

Certified or sworn translations are a part of the legalization of documents on the territory of the Russian Federation. The services most widely in demand are translation of a passport or diploma in order to present them for Apostille. This procedure makes the diploma valid for acceptance at work. A notarized translation of documents is then presented to government authorities; therefore for each document we engage several people to check every number and letter of the translated document to ensure there are no typographical errors. 

With whom does our translation bureau collaborate? 

Some documents are legally valid only if a notary has placed his signature on them and does the translation — on condition that he personally has a command of the foreign language. If that is not the case, he confirms the signature on the document of a professional translator. Translators in our translation bureau are accredited with many of the notaries of Moscow, Tver and a number of other Russian cities.

We offer the services of notarial certification of the translator’s signature on translation of documents from virtually all major languages around the world. 

Notarized certification of translations: working methods 

Within the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau, work on notarized translations follows a specific scenario under the accepted standard: 

For private individuals: 

  • A document requiring notarized translation is sent to the translation bureau in electronic form. 
  • The price and delivery date are agreed (at present we do not offer notarized translations the same day).
  • Advance payment is made using a special section of our site. 
  • The manager of the translation bureau dispatches the document to the appropriate translator.
  • After the translation is completed and he receives the finished work, the Client can get the notarized translation in our office or it will be delivered to him by courier to any convenient address.

Depending on the deadline for carrying out the notarized translation, the volume and the cost of the services ordered, the standard procedure can be altered at the request of the customer in accordance with the capabilities of the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau at the moment. 

For example, the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau can substantially reduce the customer’s expenses for services of notarized translation as well as for notarial certification of copies of documents by cutting the notary fees, because we have the possibility of performing notarized translation and notarial certification of the authenticity of documents for Moscow clients using notaries in Tver, where the cost of services is several times cheaper than similar rates among Moscow notaries. At the same time, we guarantee the security of the original documents we receive and ensure the customer will not have any additional expenses. 

The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau is ready to provide you with the services of notarized translation from various European languages in Tver and other Russian cities. Moreover, the high standards of our work and the unfailing excellent quality of services rendered to you in notarized translation of documents are maintained without regard to where we perform the service. 

We are always striving to follow the wishes of our customers, to expand the areas of our activity and to respond to the requests of our customers quickly and efficiently! Thus, we provide multi-faceted support to our permanent corporate customers and we also perform notarized translations with Apostille for the founding documents of foreign legal entities, passports and other documents. 

By working together with the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau, you have a guarantee of high-quality performance of notarized translations and timely delivery of the completed work. After all, if the translation of documents and certification goes quickly and smoothly, you can submit the necessary papers where they are required sooner. 

To familiarize yourself with the prices for notarized translation of documents, please speak to one of our managers.

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