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Dear Clients:

In order to calculate exactly how much it will cost to translate a text in Word format for languages in which there are no Han characters, you need only look at the word count shown at the bottom of the page and divide by 250.

That will give you the overall number of translated pages in the source text that you sent to the translation agency.

This method of calculation helps you plan the budget when you send us an order, something which is especially important in large companies.

As a rule, when translations are done without the participation of native speakers, our agency does not add a premium related to the nature of the text irrespective of whether it is technical, medical, legal.

This means that our initial price does not contain any hidden surcharges and is very clear to the Customer when the translation order is placed.

We do not attempt to show a reduced price for translations on our site for advertising purposes and then explain to the Client that we will exact additional money for the translation, saying that the posted prices apply only to general texts or translation of personal documents.

We also do not take additional money for formatting the translated text.

When we receive files in other formats, our agency can precisely determine the cost of the work and contacts you as quickly as possible to discuss all the details of your order.

When you send texts for translation in foreign languages, it is helpful if you tell us what the subject is. This enables us to process your order more quickly.

We are always pleased to see you among our Clients!

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