Company news

Company news


1) Major translation projects in the field of clinical trials.

From May to October of 2021, the ALPERIYA translation bureau successfully translated many hundreds of pages of clinical trials of medications for the Russian office of one of the largest international biotechnology corporations.

ALPERIYA offers professional medical translation by highly skilled qualified medical translators with years of successful experience in the field of medical translation.

The photo shows Egor, who holds degrees in Medicine and Linguistics and is one of the leading medical translators of ALPERIYA LLC.

2) Yulia Solovyova, an experienced project manager, joins our team.

Yulia Solovyova has been working as a key account project manager since 4 October 2021.

Yulia received an academic degree in World Economics, as well as completing higher studies in Linguistics.

Yulia's professional experience includes over five and a half years of project work, arranging

a great number of major medical translations for many international pharmaceutical corporations, using advanced well-organized and well-established business processes that ensure that the work is done in the best way and  short delivery time.

The photo shows Yulia Solovyova. Read more about Yulia in "About Us" at our website.


3) ALPERIYA Translation Bureau has introduced the PYRUS workflow automation system.

ALPERIYA Translation Bureau is a modern and high-tech bureau.

We have used TranslationProjex, a translation project management system, for many years. The system completely organizes projects from the moment they are received and approved until they are submitted and archived.

We also actively use EDI for document exchange, expensive licensed CAT programs for organizing order execution.

Since October 2021, we have turned a new page in terms of organizing our business processes and communicating with our Clients.

In addition to TranslationProjex, we have introduced and started using Pyrus.

Pyrus is a workflow automation and document management system. In 2018, Pyrus was named "The Best Solution for Business Communication" in the national Digital Peaks award, which rewards the best Russian applications and services aimed at improving efficiency.

We hope that working with Pyrus, which is used by many major companies (Sovcombank, Hoff, DODO PIZZA) will help us to further increase our efficiency and communicate with our Clients in the most convenient way possible!

The photo shows Pavel Turkevich, owner of ALPERIYA translation bureau.

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