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Medical translations

Medical translations from English are one of the main specialties of the Alliance of Translations of Foreign Languages ALPERIYA in the field of written translation, alongside translations of legal, economic and technical texts.

At the same time, we perform medical translations into other languages. However, with translations using English we can deliver translations more quickly because we can draw into the work a greater number of proven translators.

Medical translations, like technical translations, are one of the most complex forms of translation..

To carry out medical translations, our translation agency attracts only professional translators having a medical education, without which a high quality translation of these texts is simply impossible due to the specific terminology of the given texts and the need to have a good understanding of the subject.

An English-Russian medical translator as the translation agency ALPERIYA is a highly qualified specialist who understands medicine well. Therefore when you entrust a medical translation into English to him you can be certain that the entire work will be done in high quality manner and on time.

Moreover, we are equally proficient in carrying out Russian-English translations and English-Russian medical translations.

Specialists at the ALPERIYA translation agency have particularly great experience in the translation of texts concerning:

  • General medicine;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Veterinary science;
  • Laboratory diagnostics;
  • Laboratory and diagnostic equipment;
  • Results of clinical and laboratory tests;
  • General biology and microbiology;
  • Biochemistry, genetics;
  • Chemistry;
  • Literature on medicine.

The time needed to fill an order depends on its complexity and on the volume of the materials to be translated. After our English-Russian medical translator has analyzed the work to be done, we will contact you to agree on the details of the order.

You can place an order through a special order form on the site or by sending us the text for translation by e-mail.


phones: (495) 585-10-69, (495) 585-36-18, (495) 988-76-15

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