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Translation by native speakers

The Alliance of Translators of Foreign Languages ALPERIYA works together with foreign specialists who are native speakers of the languages of various countries around the world, including specialists living in Europe, the USA and Asia.

For the indicated reasons, a translation by a native speaker costs more than a translation by a Russian specialist. However, a professional translation by a native speaker guarantees high quality and the absence of any factual errors, careless mistakes and impreciseness, and it conveys flawlessly the style of the original.

The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau suggests that you order a translation by a native speaker for your most important business and technical documents, as well as for presentation and marketing materials, translation of websites, i.e., for documents where it is essential a native speaker translates and proofreads them to ensure the highest quality translation.

The practice of having translations performed by a native speaker of the target language is widely accepted in many countries around the world. This is explained by the fact that even a professional translator who is performing a translation into a language which is not his native tongue can use expressions and words which a native speaker would not use in the same context. Such mistakes in translation are very obvious to readers who are native speakers of the given language.

A professional translation or proofreading-editing of a translation by a native speaker of the target language within the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau guarantees there will be no factual mistakes, imprecision or errors, and it ensures that the style of the original will be conveyed flawlessly.

The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau hires for native-speaker translations only those translators for whom the target language is indeed their mother tongue.

One optimal variation of work proposed by the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau is translation by a Russian translator followed by proofreading/editing by a native speaker.

In this case, the Russian translator bears responsibility for the exactness of the translation and the foreign editor takes responsibility for adapting the translation, for matching it with the stylistic and emotional coloration and for correcting possible grammatical, punctuation and other errors which theoretically may occur when the translation is done by a Russian linguist.

In order to determine the possibility of ordering a translation by a native speaker, set the precise delivery time for its completion and learn any other information about this type of service, you can contact the staff of our translation bureau at any time. We will be pleased to give you comprehensive assistance and to do everything possible to fill your order.

Phones: (495) 585-10-69, (495) 585-36-18, (495) 988-76-15

E- mail: order@alperiya.ru

Photograph of Guenter Ferdinand Schlang (Germany).

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