Company news
1) Major translation projects in the field of clinical trials.
2) Yulia Solovyova, an experienced project manager, joins our team.
3) ALPERIYA Translation Bureau has introduced the PYRUS workflow automation system.

Registration of trade mark rights
Registration of trade mark rights The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau is proud to announce that following an expert evaluation by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trade Marks (ROSPATENT) on 21 May 2010 the trade mark of ALPERIYA received state registration. The ALPERIYA trade mark was registered with respect to translation services as well as for a great many other goods and services under the International Class

Interruption in the work of the office
Interruption in the work of the office The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau announces that in the period from 12 July 2010 through 26 July2010 it cannot accept translation orders at the address 1st Volokolamsky Proezd, 10, bldg 1, Moscow — Business Center DIAPAZON due to the fact that the bureau representative is on leave. As from 27 July 2010 the translation office resumes normal operations. Until that date, submission-handov

The office on Paveletskaya closes down
The office on Paveletskaya closes down Dear Customers: We inform you that the office of ALPERIYA Translation Bureau on Paveletskaya will shut down in mid-June 2010. The office is being closed because its location is not very good and the decision was taken to search for premises which better satisfy the Company’s commercial interests. Until a new office is opened, submission and return of documents in paper form is possible

Opening of the Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad Office
Opening of the Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad Office On 26 February 2010, the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau opened its new customer service office in Moscow on B. Cherkizovskaya St., 5, bldg 1, Moscow. The opening of the office was an important step in the developing cooperation between the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau and the tour company Ditviz Travel, which has established for itself a good name in the market for travel services. The new office o

Representation in St Petersburg
Representative of the translation bureau in St Petersburg The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau is pleased to inform its customers about the appointment on 21 December 2009 of its authorized representative in St Petersburg — Vasily Kuzmenkov. Vasily Kuzmenkov graduated from the Section of Japanese Philology in the Oriental Department of St Petersburg State University and is a professional translator of En

Representative in Yekaterinburg
Representation in Yekaterinburg Our translation bureau is pleased to inform its customers that in order to raise the quality of our services and fulfill our program of regional growth we are opening a representation in Yekaterinburg! On 9 December 2009 Rakik Nigmatuplin became the Company’s official representative. Nigmatuplin previously occupied high management positions in various companies of the Sverdlovsk Oblast. Rad

DISCOUNTS FOR CUSTOMERS The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau is pleased to inform you that in the period from 19 October 2009 until 31 December 2009 substantial discounts will be applied to translations from several of the major European languages. You can obtain detailed information about the discounts on the website in the section entitled PROMOTIONS.

Creation of the ALPERIYA website
Dear Visitors to the Site: Active work is presently being carried out to complete the construction of the website of the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau. The Russian language version of the site is expected to be completed in the very near future.

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