Representative of the translation bureau in St Petersburg

The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau is pleased to inform its customers about the appointment on 21 December 2009 of its authorized representative in St Petersburg — Vasily Kuzmenkov.

Vasily Kuzmenkov graduated from the Section of Japanese Philology in the Oriental Department of St Petersburg State University and is a professional translator of English and Japanese. He completed a one-year training program in Tokyo at the State University of Foreign Languages. He holds a level one certificate in Japanese and also has extensive experience in administrative and management work, including working for a Japanese corporation involved in production and sales of construction equipment which is one of the largest in its field in the world.

As representative in St Petersburg, his tasks include the search for partners of ALPERIYA Translation Company, as well as controlling the quality of the services provided.

Just as in Moscow, the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau intends to offer in St Petersburg a broad range of services relating to translation from a multitude of the world’s languages, including performance of both written translations and interpreting. At the same time one of the specialties of the translation bureau in St Petersburg will be to provide written translations and consecutive interpreting from/to Japanese with involvement, as necessary, of native speakers of the language for quality control.

For companies interested in setting up business collaboration with Japanese partners, the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau can offer you professional translations and much more. Within the scope of the translation services rendered, we are also prepared to provide consultancy on questions of the best way to conduct negotiations with Japanese companies, taking into account business practices which are widely accepted in Japan.

At the same time, in St Petersburg we will also offer those areas of activity which are the main specialization of the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau, including legal, economics, technical and other translations from/to English.

The ALPERIYA Translation Bureau will help you to select a translator who has a good command of the linguistic terminology of your business.

For all questions relating to the work of the ALPERIYA Translation Bureau in St Petersburg, please contact Vasily Kuzmenkov directly.

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